1 Jan 2011

Plum Chutney

This is just a present for those, who love meet as much as i do. I always do couple of kilos and it disapears with unbelivable speed. So i would consider it as one more MUST to meat! Sorry for not a nice picture..i looks much better with a steak, but....you know...khe-khe... usually average lifetime of a steak with this chutney is 4 seconds.. So these pictures just don't exist ((

So here comes the recipe.

We need: 2 kg plums, 250g dry cranberry, 300g vinegar, 250g (smal bottle) white wine, 2 red onion, 250g brown sugar, 2ts ginger, chili, 3 star-anise, 1ts coriander, 4 cloves (rus - гвоздика), 1 ts cinnamon, 1ts solt.

It's being cooked almost by itself, you dont have to do anything - I just love this kind of recipes!

Take a big pan and fry onion together with chili for about 7 min till it becomes softer, then add all the ingridients exept plums and cook it under a cover for a 30 min. Cut pluns into two pieces and add into the pan, cover and cook for two more hours. Ready! Now canner it and keep in a fridge. Nothing can be better with a good piece of steake!

Enjoy )

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