17 Jan 2011

Sunday breakfast or Russian Scramble egg

Very sunny breakfast! It's a very popular thing in the south of Russia. For me it smells like a spring ))

For 2 people we need: 5-6 eggs, one tomato, one paprika, one small onion and a LOOOOT of grean stuff (it could be parsley, dill, spring onion). I have here jusyt parsley and shnitt-onion.

Cut everything into small peaces. Then fry onion till a light-gold. To tell the truth, it's gonna be much tasty if you do it not with oil, but with butter....like I do it. But please don't tell my husband - let him stay sure, that everything we eat are "just veggies!"

Then add tomato and paprika and keep frying it for about 5-7 minutes. Then add the eggs, solt, pepper..almost ready..

At the very end add your green stuff. Ready!

A glass of cold Rose goes just perfect with it - even if it's cold outside, you gonna feel such a sunny spring at home!


Lulu said...

На голодный желудок это читать нельзя категорически! Слюнки текут! Виктория, фотографии шикарные!

Victoria said...

Оль, приезжай )) давно мы не брали в руки шашек..

Svet said...

выглядит просто шикарно!! а что за напиток?

Victoria said...

Света, спасибо! А напиток - розе.... ;) я иногда его и с утра.. *краснеет*
..хотя в данном случае он играет фотогеническую роль