25 Jan 2011

Pine Nuts Tart by Gui Gedda \ Tarte aux pignons

Wonderful easy to make cake! The only disadvantage - you just can't stop yourself from eating it.. 
I was inspired by my blog-friend Svet. She has this recipe in russian and with lots of nice pictures here.

18 Jan 2011

Moules a la provencale

15 minutes = time from opening the door at home after the fish market till the moment when you already sit at the table and enjoying your man\family\guests making all the possible sounds... mmmmmm! 

17 Jan 2011

Sunday breakfast or Russian Scramble egg

Very sunny breakfast! It's a very popular thing in the south of Russia. For me it smells like a spring ))

9 Jan 2011

Joghurt Bomb from Anne Bendig

Wonderful light easy dessert by my good friend Anne. That was sooooo good! Sunny morning, cold champagne, nice people and Joghurt Bomb... mmmmmm....

Recipe and one "before" picture are below.

8 Jan 2011

Truffle Solt \ Sel aux truffes - Must have!

Let me introduce you my best friend - Truffle Solt! Love it soooo much!
Lots of people don't use it - thinking that they are not truffle's funs..or thinking it's expensive.. Just try it! I would insist that my friends who still don't have it go and get it! By the way in our local supermarket it costs about 8 euro..

So, what do I use it with:
  • Every morning for breakfast: boil eggs, cut into two peaces, put a bit of butter on each peace - and on top a liiiiiiittle bit of the solt - such a luxury! 
  • Steak! almost every steak..if i don't eat it with my Plam Cuttney here
  • Risotto
  • Baked potato 
  • and sure the best with....Foie gras (sorry...)
Highly recomended!

6 Jan 2011

Again Tajine! This time lamb

I keep experimenting with my new device - Tajine! Now with lamb ..
There are several types of Tajine but the most popular ones are Tunisian tajine and Moroccan Tajine. The last one count to be "fest" tajine and being cooked mostly from lamb with honey, nuts and dried fruit. A Variation of that I just did last evening... Soooooo tasty!

1 Jan 2011

Sunday plum pie

It's a wonderful very easy plum pie! We love to have it for sunday lunch )) Very easy to do and results are so much not in balance with efforts (as we like). And it make your home soooo cozy..

Plum Chutney

This is just a present for those, who love meet as much as i do. I always do couple of kilos and it disapears with unbelivable speed. So i would consider it as one more MUST to meat! Sorry for not a nice picture..i looks much better with a steak, but....you know...khe-khe... usually average lifetime of a steak with this chutney is 4 seconds.. So these pictures just don't exist ((