18 Jan 2011

Moules a la provencale

15 minutes = time from opening the door at home after the fish market till the moment when you already sit at the table and enjoying your man\family\guests making all the possible sounds... mmmmmm! 

 This is one of recipes I "benchmarked" from belonika. It works just perfect! Always!

So, we need (belonika says for 4, but we have it for 2 people): 1,5 or better - 2 kg of fresh mussels, 200g white wine, 2 big tomatos, 3 shalott, some garlic, chili, parsley, fresh thyme, solt, pepper, olive oil.

First fry a bit thyme and chili, just 1 min.

 Then add onion and keep frying for about 3-4 minutes.
 Add tomatos and fry some more time till they become soft.
 Add mussles, white wine....mix, cover and leave for 10 min.
 Parsley add at the very end. and...

Voila! Make sure the rose is cold....enjoy!


Сергей said...

После прочтения всех Ваших рецептов, сразу вспоминается формулировка из словаря Даля:
- "Сухомятка - обед без вина."

Svet said...

Looks delicious!!

Victoria said...

Sveta, thank you! and it tastes even better! ;)