8 Jan 2011

Truffle Solt \ Sel aux truffes - Must have!

Let me introduce you my best friend - Truffle Solt! Love it soooo much!
Lots of people don't use it - thinking that they are not truffle's funs..or thinking it's expensive.. Just try it! I would insist that my friends who still don't have it go and get it! By the way in our local supermarket it costs about 8 euro..

So, what do I use it with:
  • Every morning for breakfast: boil eggs, cut into two peaces, put a bit of butter on each peace - and on top a liiiiiiittle bit of the solt - such a luxury! 
  • Steak! almost every steak..if i don't eat it with my Plam Cuttney here
  • Risotto
  • Baked potato 
  • and sure the best with....Foie gras (sorry...)
Highly recomended!


Svet said...

Did you try the truffle oil also?

Victoria said...

yes, Svet! Oil is also something i use quite often.. Also like truffle-cream - do it with pasta, even i quess there is no a lot of real truffle in it.. ;)
and how do use use t-products?

Anonymous said...

Vika, nice to see you there.
Like truffle salt also.
What about Black "Cetvergova" salt from Kostroma?
Interesting that STR is my german homebase when I'm there (have some staff members from my team).
Alexander R. from IEMBA-4 SSE (your first group).

Victoria said...

Sasha, sooooo happy to see you here! even very unexpectedly ;) I haven't been posting as well as visiting the blog since almost a year... so, I see your comment first now! (( No, never have heard of Kostroma Salt. It anything special? Sasha, if you ever in STR - promise to let me know. You are very welcome! Would be happy to see you