23 Oct 2012

Cantuccini - via Silvia Baracchi

My Husband is a fan of italian cookies! Biscotti or Cantuccini. It's the same, right? And one day I decided, the they alway should be available at our place! Next to coffee machine there is "always and forever" a nice box, where he can find them anytime ;) Also I cook them for his Office Lounge, so that he can proudly serve home-made cantucci round his clients. I find it pretty nice way to say hello to him during he is working ;) ...and recently I found one recipe,which is even better, than the one I used before (here)! You should definitely try it... 

Favorite time...

Beautiful autumn! 
Even I live now in a different county, it still smells like in my childhood... Smells like dry leaves, like happiness! And a Sunday lunch in a family garden after a nice long walk - it's one of the coziest thing during this time!

I hope you enjoy this autumn like i do ;)

22 Oct 2012

Choco Cookies via Le chef Armand Arnal

My dear friends, this one is my star recipe! Lots of my guest enjoy this magic cookies with coffee at my place... ;) They are what I'm really proud of!

I bake them regularly and you can find them in our home anytime, but share the secret recipe only now... Below you can as well see my photo progress - there you'll find the first picture of this cookies I made 100 years ago... ;)

17 Oct 2012

Raspberry Brandy

Very simple way of making "home-made" winter digestive. It's a very nice drink after cozy dinner with friends.

Take a nice bottle, fill it with raspberry, add some sugar and pour white rum. Leave it for about two month, after filter it und keep in a cool oder cold place. 

Just perfect for a "grace-cup"! ;)  

14 Oct 2012

Moussaka Recipe and a little bit of Sun

Hello my dear friends!

We just got back from wonderful vacation in Greece and would like to share some sun with you. Usually I post here only food-pictures, but now I though to add some diversity just for a change ;)

And of course Greece Recipe - Moussaka!

8 Sep 2012

How to make your man fell in love with u again and again! ;)

Ladies, we all know that the shortest way to a man's heart... But if you serve not just a great piece of meat, but as a bonus one of this incredible sauces - He is yours for ever!

French Honey-cake from Gilardi Yvan- absolutely dream! Pain d’épices

The way this cake smells is incredible! If you you want to add some cosy magic to your home place - you should definitely try to cook it! The recipe of this this wonderful cake i saw by already long ago and thought I wait till X-mas to try it... but it's getting colder and colder every day, and i couldn't wait anymore $)

5 Sep 2012

Salmon Tar Tar

Sorry for the pics - they are made with iphone // often when i cook i don't have any chance to get a camera before i have to serve it... whatever.
I just LOVE tar-tars! Any! Beef tar-tar, salmon tar-tar, tuna tar-tar... any! I would like to share with you two of my favourite ways to make salmon one.

Salmon with Pesto and Lime

This is one of my favourite way to cook fish! And exactly the way all my best recipes are - "Nothing to do!" ;)