27 Dec 2010

Sunrise Tomatoes

Very simple, sooo aromatic ..and so useful with everything you cook! Also a very nice "present from my kitchen" ;)

24 Dec 2010

Soufflé aux myrtilles / Le chef Armand Arnal

One more happy miracle from Arnal (via belonika.ru)... Blueberry souffle! Not as easy as my other expiriences, but it worth it! Great with ice-cream, but without still a wonder! And what a colour!

22 Dec 2010

Biscotti - secret recipe

For those, who loves it! It's a traditional italian cookes... The best you can imagin with coffee or...even better with a cold white wine... mmmmmmmm If they disappear for about a week from the "neighborhood" of our coffeemaker - there is almost an internatiol scandal )) There are millions of recipes of it. But nothing compare to this ONE !!!

13 Dec 2010

St Tropez Apricot Pie

The origilan version you can try in St Tropez in the place called Tarte Tropezienne.

Hot Tomato Soup with Pesto

Very nice light soup! And....sooo easy to make!

Fast Tomato-Goat Cheese Pie

Fast, extrimly easy and great with red wine!
May be it's not what you will impress your guests with, but for a calm cozy evening with couple of glasses of red wine - it's perfect! (recipe from belonika.ru)

My Panna Cotta

There a plenty of Panna Cotta recipes. I've tryed several, and here is my optimal mix.

Cherry Tomatos with cheese

Just an idea )) Stuffed cherry tomatos with cheese. There lots of options to stuff it! I prefer it with cheese and lots of spices (thyme, Herbs de Provence etc). You can clean tomatos with a melon-spoon. If you dont have it - you neeeeed to get it!!! There is no tasty life without melonspoon!

Bon appetite!

Cous Cous with Tuna

This is my favourite "fast-food at home"! So tasty and what's important - soooo fast! About 5-10 min from the moment you feel hungry till the moment you already enjoy it!

Two soups

These are my favourite cold soups! (also from belonika.ru)
They are both great in summertime or in "party time". For a party it's always nice to serve it in glasses. The best thing about both is that it's unbelivable easy to make. Just put everything is a blender! Also both of them you can make in advance. So, here come the recipes.

Healthy party snack )

Also just an idea )) it's always great to have something fresh during the party and even better if you could it it with your hands ;) I call it "St Tropez plate".. because there it's something traditional - vegies with all kinds of white sauces. White sauce can be bought or made from everything you like! I prefer "the easier - the better": any kind of Philadelphia cheese mixed with cream. I love it with garlic - but for guests i don't do ))

Bon Appetite!

Party snack

Again - not a recipe at all, but just an idea. Nice wooden sticks, sweet cherry tomatos, fresh basil and small mozzarella. Serve it however you like - it will always look quite bright! It do it on a separate small table by the entrance..and sure next to cold white wine! Just to say "hello" to your guests ))


9 Dec 2010


Great as an accompaniment to champagne! Sure it's not a recipe at all - just an idea ))

In each half strawberry make a small hole (there are special "melon" spoons for that, but not necessarily), to put in each a small peace of gorgonzola cheese and just a drop of balsamic cream (not essing). Ready!

7 Dec 2010

Vanilla-Almond Cookies from Linda Fischer

This cookis are absolute MUST !!! Classic wonder

This were my first cookes, which i ever did! Thanks Anne for insparation and her mam for the recipe.

Magic Cookies

It was already long time ago when i was planning to start this blog, but according to my life-tradition it took me some time till realization ;) But this week I tried one cookes recipe, which all the russian blogosphere is keep talking about.. It was sooooo great! This week i already cooked it three (!!!) times. And lots of my friend are asking for a recipe. I thought it's a great motivation to start this page, especially it's X-mas time!