6 Jan 2011

Again Tajine! This time lamb

I keep experimenting with my new device - Tajine! Now with lamb ..
There are several types of Tajine but the most popular ones are Tunisian tajine and Moroccan Tajine. The last one count to be "fest" tajine and being cooked mostly from lamb with honey, nuts and dried fruit. A Variation of that I just did last evening... Soooooo tasty!

We need: about 1kg lamb, ginger, preserved lemon, garlic, onion, mint, shaffron water, honey, dried apricot and a spice called Raz el Hanout (on a picture below). But youy can du it yourself just using stuff, which is listed on the package.
And then...very simple.. Cut lamp into middle-small peaces, fry it for abou 10 minutes and put a side. Then on the same oil fry onion with garlic, then add ginger and 2 tea spoons of Raz el Hanout and keep frying for 3-5 minutes more. Then add lamb and shaffron water.

Mix everything very tender, cover ..and forget for 1,5 hours. After this time move the tajine into the oven (160°C) for another hour. Before last 30 minutes add dried apricots and honey. At the end - mint. Ready! I serve it with cous-cous..

Unfortunately there is no way to take a nice picture of it. All the pics were just nothing compare to how it smells... Unbelievable aroma! Magic lamb and sweet at the same time.... Just a miracle..

Bon Appetite!


Svet said...

жаль, у меня нет подходящей посуды. выглядит невероятно аппетитно!

Victoria said...

Света, спасибо! выглядит он как раз не очень \\ чёрненький какой-то барашек ..
Уверена, его в "утятнице" или просто толсткой кастрюле можно попробовать сделать.. там главное приправы.. ))

Svet said...

утятницы нет, а вот в кастрюле с толстым дном действительно можно попробовать!

Victoria said...

Но моё немногочисленное семейство настаивает на сочетании баранина-медовые груши, как в предыдущем рецепте (от ники).. ))

Katrina said...

Vika, I bet it will be the first thing I’ll cook, when I get either this mysterious device Tajine or simply good stew pan that I could put into my oven! I really like the combination of all ingredients that you used here!

Victoria said...

Katya, das freut mich so sehr! ))
But usually in tajine also must be lots of nuts!