29 Jan 2014

Eggplants with Nuts Georgian Style - Step by Step

I love eggplants! Originally i come from south of Russia and there it's a very popular product. South-russian cuisine has also a pretty strong Caucasian influence. In my family we cooked a lot with Georgian spices. I was surprised that my European friends loved the dishes with Caucasian taste. 
Here I share with you one of the hits, which is also totally vegan! (hey, Frank ;)
See the step-by-step recipe below...   

28 Jan 2014

Maier's - my tasty neighbor!

Before I moved to Germany I already new this brand - they are pretty famous because of their mustard. I was always bringing it as a souvenir from Germany. Recently I found out that Maier's is my neighbor! The production is in Stuttgart (Remstal) And non of my friends has ever heard of them! How comes? So this post is a tip for them, who leave here and don't know about such a cool product. But of cause you can get this magic mustards, dips and sauces not only in our region, but all over the world... 
Honestly my favorite is not a mustard but a Dip! It's called "Gut Laune Dip" which means "Good Mood Dip". 
And the bruschetta is also wow! Stephan loves it...
Click below for the "recipe".

26 Jan 2014

Beet-root and Feta-Cheese Salad

This is one of my most favorite salads. Extremely healthy, super tasty, mega easy! It takes 5 minutes to "cook" it.