24 Jul 2014

Green Beans

Summer time is a Grill time! And usually I don't think a lot about "what to cook for dinner" simply because in Germany we grill almost every day till it snows... So it's often about a salad or a side-dish. 
We just love everything green! For example - green beans with garlic! 
Simple and sooo good! Perfect as a side dish or even as a one-dish dinner.    

23 Jul 2014

Confit d'oignon - Red Onion Jam

This wonderful must-have/must-cook recipe I already shared with you guys here. But this time I show it step-by-step, which makes it super easy makable and understandable. This magic jam is an absolute must in every food-loving home - it's perfect with steaks and cheese... We just love it! 

22 Jul 2014

Salat a la Caprese

Traditional Caprese Salad is a combination of tomato, mozzarella cheese and some basil. I use sometime a burrata cheese and a pesto instead of just basil leaves. It's a great accomplishment to any lunch, dinner, grill party etc. 
Below you find my secret pesto recipe ;)

21 Jul 2014

Salad with caramelized pear and blue cheese

One of my favorite combination is fruits and cheese - especially in a salad! So it's not even a recipe, but just an idea for summer lunch.

24 Mar 2014

Koh Samui Bophut - Karma Sutra plus one shop tip

Finally my dream came true and I went to Asia! 
Before this year I've only been to Japan. And Asia Tour was a dream since....long ago. This winter I just changed couple of arrangements and booked a trip just one week before the flight. Cambodia, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and couple of days in Hong Kong. It was all awesome! Some stories, recipes and tips are to come... And now just couple of tips for Bophut, nice part on Koh Samui.

29 Jan 2014

Eggplants with Nuts Georgian Style - Step by Step

I love eggplants! Originally i come from south of Russia and there it's a very popular product. South-russian cuisine has also a pretty strong Caucasian influence. In my family we cooked a lot with Georgian spices. I was surprised that my European friends loved the dishes with Caucasian taste. 
Here I share with you one of the hits, which is also totally vegan! (hey, Frank ;)
See the step-by-step recipe below...   

28 Jan 2014

Maier's - my tasty neighbor!

Before I moved to Germany I already new this brand - they are pretty famous because of their mustard. I was always bringing it as a souvenir from Germany. Recently I found out that Maier's is my neighbor! The production is in Stuttgart (Remstal) And non of my friends has ever heard of them! How comes? So this post is a tip for them, who leave here and don't know about such a cool product. But of cause you can get this magic mustards, dips and sauces not only in our region, but all over the world... 
Honestly my favorite is not a mustard but a Dip! It's called "Gut Laune Dip" which means "Good Mood Dip". 
And the bruschetta is also wow! Stephan loves it...
Click below for the "recipe".

26 Jan 2014

Beet-root and Feta-Cheese Salad

This is one of my most favorite salads. Extremely healthy, super tasty, mega easy! It takes 5 minutes to "cook" it.