25 Jan 2011

Pine Nuts Tart by Gui Gedda \ Tarte aux pignons

Wonderful easy to make cake! The only disadvantage - you just can't stop yourself from eating it.. 
I was inspired by my blog-friend Svet. She has this recipe in russian and with lots of nice pictures here.

Sure I got the book - luckely it exist in german! Highly recommended.. 

So, we need for the dough:
125g butter
250g flour 
1,5 tea-spoon solt
2 table-spoon sugar powder
1 yolk
baking powder
some water if needed

For the filling:
125g butter
115g sugar powder 
115g almond flour (gemahlene Mandeln) - sometimes i put 200g 
3 small or 2 normal eggs
200g sugar-fruits
100g pine-nuts
2 table-spoons raisins in 3 table-spoons of rum 

For the dough just mix all the ingredients, make a dough. If needed add some water. Leave it in a cold place for an hour "to rest". 

Now make the filling. Mix butter, sugar powder, almonds flour and eggs. Mix it really good! I use Kitchen Aid and it takes just few minutes. At the end add sugar-fruits and raisins. Done.

Then take a 24cm form, Put there the dough, fill in with the filling, put pini on top. Bake in 190-200 for about 35-40 minutes. 

It's just great!

P.S. When it was done - it was already late night... sorry for the light. But trust me, the tart tastes much better than it looks like ;)


Svet said...

So did you like the cake? We just love it!! :-) It´s simple but very delicious.

And my book is unfortunately in French....

Victoria said...

Yeeees! The cake was just wonderful.. and disappeared after seconds ))

the language of the book doesn't help a lot, because my german is not a lot better as your french / i guess ;)

BiteandSip said...

Hi Victoria!
I am Natasha from Munich ( originally from Russia too) I got a link from Blogging mit Geschmack ( also Natasha). I am new to blogging, but already like it. Thanks for the recipe, gotta try this one

Victoria said...

Hi Natasha! You are very welcome )) I'm also quite new here.. It's fun!

This pie is quite easy to make and it tastes really good! I already made it several times ;) looking forward to your results

and veeery nice pictures on your blog!