24 Jul 2014

Green Beans

Summer time is a Grill time! And usually I don't think a lot about "what to cook for dinner" simply because in Germany we grill almost every day till it snows... So it's often about a salad or a side-dish. 
We just love everything green! For example - green beans with garlic! 
Simple and sooo good! Perfect as a side dish or even as a one-dish dinner.    

23 Jul 2014

Confit d'oignon - Red Onion Jam

This wonderful must-have/must-cook recipe I already shared with you guys here. But this time I show it step-by-step, which makes it super easy makable and understandable. This magic jam is an absolute must in every food-loving home - it's perfect with steaks and cheese... We just love it! 

22 Jul 2014

Salat a la Caprese

Traditional Caprese Salad is a combination of tomato, mozzarella cheese and some basil. I use sometime a burrata cheese and a pesto instead of just basil leaves. It's a great accomplishment to any lunch, dinner, grill party etc. 
Below you find my secret pesto recipe ;)

21 Jul 2014

Salad with caramelized pear and blue cheese

One of my favorite combination is fruits and cheese - especially in a salad! So it's not even a recipe, but just an idea for summer lunch.