14 Dec 2013

Eggplants with carrots

It's a very russian dish. At least it is something from my south-russian childhood. So simple and so tasty! And smells great ;) You can serve it warm or cold, great with bar-b-q, as a salad, as a side dish - whatever... just try it!

Kaiserschmarrn!!! My Love...

I love this dish! Kaiserschmarrn...mmmm Winter, Alpen, Austrian, Vacation, Lazy Afternoon after ski. By I never could find a good recipe (( Still can only enjoy it some else but not at home. 
My favorite is of cause in Austrian! Kitzbühel... www.stanglwirt.com
If you ever there - you have to try it! 

13 Dec 2013

Coconut Milk Soup Salmon

it's a pretty simple art of asian style soup. No tips or "family secrets", just an improvisation based on a willing of having something light, healthy and tasty :)

Step-by-step recipe you find below.

12 Dec 2013

Christmas Ginger Bread - where to get the best recipe?

Stephan Koch sells his magic gingerbread at Baroque Christmas market in Ludwigsburg (not far from Stuttgart). Couple of years ago he baked 1 kilometer gingerbread and got with it into Guinness Book of World Records. 
But regardless of that fact everybody love his products since long time ago...

He keeps the recipe in secret, but we never mind - I have an other wonderful one here in my blog! Juppi ;)

Here it is: Click! ...and let it smell like Winter at your place!

French plums stuffed with goat cheese

Not really a recipe, but just a nice idea ;) We had something similar in Russia as I was a child - just the combination of plums, nuts and something creamy is already great! Nowadays you can of cause get it ready in a good supermarket, but believe me it tastes much better if you make it yourself!