11 Apr 2013

Restaurants in Cape Town and around

Before going to SA I've heard that food is great here, but I couldn't imagine HOW great it is! 
Here there are just some pictures and... pa-ba-ba-bam...the list of restaurants worth to visit! (the list you find at the very end of the post)

9 Apr 2013

Cape Town: See Point, Bo-Kaap and Cape Point

Did you know, that Cape Town is such a party-colored city?

Yes, it is! There is a part of it called Bo-Kaap - place with an interesting 
story to tell... but hier I just share some sunny pictures of it, no story ;)

8 Apr 2013

South Africa - Garden Route

   If you already came to Cape Town, you should take some time and drive "Garden Route"
It is one of the most beautiful stretch in the world they say. And it is really a very nice drive! The roads in SA are pretty good quality, it almost feels like you are driving in Germany. There is also a great choice of rent-cars - anything you want! So started at Cape Town and went till Wilderness.  

5 Apr 2013

Cape Town... missing the sun

   I just finished sorting South Africa's pictures (no, there are not a lot of them, yes, I'm just slow). Before I come back to "cooking" I'd like to post couple of pics and info, which might be interesting for those, who are planning to visit Cape Town (and around). Now couple of words about Cape Town hotels...