17 Feb 2011

Just Duck

I love Duck! It's great with wein, it's wonderful dinner or sunday lunch and...it's extrimly easy to cook. Basicly the hardest part - to get a nice piece.

The recipe is inspired by Belonika. Here it is.

For two people you need: one breast of a nice duck, potatos, rosmarin, orange jam and onions for the souce.

First back potatos with rosmarin, because it's the longest part.

Then fry onion with orange jam for about 20 minutes.
Start cooking the duck. First cut the skin a little bit - like this...
And then just fry it for 8 minutes from each side. Done! Cut it into slices 0,7 cm and serve together with with potatos, orange souce and red wine (!!!) 

Bon appetite!


BiteandSip said...

Victoria, I love your plate. I saw the other day the same one here in a shop, but didn't buy :(((

Victoria said...

Natasha, thank you! I like this plates too ;) and especially coffee cups from the same set..