13 Dec 2010

Two soups

These are my favourite cold soups! (also from belonika.ru)
They are both great in summertime or in "party time". For a party it's always nice to serve it in glasses. The best thing about both is that it's unbelivable easy to make. Just put everything is a blender! Also both of them you can make in advance. So, here come the recipes.

Avocado-Cucumber Soup.

You will need:

2 big or 4 small cucumber
3-4 avocado
1 lemon
White vinegar, olive oil, water without gas, solt, pfeffer

Peel teh cucumber, cut it into big peaces, avocado - too. Blend it together, add lemon juice, vinegar, solt, pfeffer. If needed - add the water. But i never do - prefer it like almost a sauce.. Put in a frige. Enjoy anytime after! Also very nice witha white wine.. (I just realized that in this blog everything goes great with a wine)) Also you can decorate this soup with anything you like. I love it with some seafood!

And the second one - the best Gazpacho ever!!!

You will need: 2-3 red paprika, 2-3 tomatos, 2 small garlic peaces, 1 small white onion, 2-3 small cucumber, olive oil, solt, pfeffer, vinegar, 1-1,5 L Tomato juice.

Cucumber - peel, then everything cut and blend (make it separate parts, in each part add a bit of juice and olive oil. Then put everuthing in a pot, add the rest of tomato juice, vinegar (i use raspberry), solt, pfeffer. Try it, add what you feel is needed. Enjoy!

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