24 Dec 2010

Soufflé aux myrtilles / Le chef Armand Arnal

One more happy miracle from Arnal (via belonika.ru)... Blueberry souffle! Not as easy as my other expiriences, but it worth it! Great with ice-cream, but without still a wonder! And what a colour!

250g Berries, 13g corn flour, 160g white of the egg, 30g sugar. Also a sugar syrup: 130g sugar + 40g water.

First make a syrop: cook water and sugar for about 10 min (till 120°). Than bland the berries and cook them for about 10 min with corn flour. Mix berries with a sugar syrop and let it cool down. Meanwhile mix white of the eggs with 30g sugar. Add the berry mix to the white of the egg keep mixing. Here already schould be a veeeeery nice colour...and taste!

Put into forms (first put some butter there and sugar on top of it..) and bake for a 10 min in 190°.


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