22 Dec 2010

Biscotti - secret recipe

For those, who loves it! It's a traditional italian cookes... The best you can imagin with coffee or...even better with a cold white wine... mmmmmmmm If they disappear for about a week from the "neighborhood" of our coffeemaker - there is almost an internatiol scandal )) There are millions of recipes of it. But nothing compare to this ONE !!!

We need: 400g Flour, 200g sugar, 4 eggs, 1 ts backing pouder, 1 ts solt, vanila, 50g dry cranberry, 150g Almonds

Mix flour, sugar, solt, vanila, baking pouder. Then Mix 3 eggs and one yolk. Then dry a bit almonds (10 min in 160°) and cut it into big peaces. Then mix everything together. It's gonna be hard but it's suppose to be like that. Spent some time on it. Then make three sousages, put white of the egg on top and bake it for about 30-40 min in 180°. Then get them out of the oven and cut them about 1 cm corner-wise and bake abain for a 10 min. Done!

Enjoy the coziness at home!

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