7 Dec 2010

Magic Cookies

It was already long time ago when i was planning to start this blog, but according to my life-tradition it took me some time till realization ;) But this week I tried one cookes recipe, which all the russian blogosphere is keep talking about.. It was sooooo great! This week i already cooked it three (!!!) times. And lots of my friend are asking for a recipe. I thought it's a great motivation to start this page, especially it's X-mas time!

I should be honest and tell you, that most of what i cook, are recipes from belonika.ru. This woman has a great taste, one of the best photo cameras and arccordingly wonderful pictures. Sometimes i cook from other russian cooking blogs, sometimes from my mam's recipes.

P.S. this blog will be in english for clear reasons, but sometimes (i case of energy and kindness attack) i will translate into russian

Magic Cookes (inspired by monsieur Arnal via Belonika)

225g butter (soft)
225g braun suger (big cristals)
150g flour
1 ts solt
2 eggs
200g chocolade (the better chocolade, the better cookes! - i took Lindt 70%, also tried with orange - were good!
125g almond flour
125g Pekan nuts (walnut is also fine, but pekan is more oily, which meens tasty..and ofcaurse healthy!!!)
paper forms for keks (or silicon)

Very easy! So simple - its impossible! Sure its even better for those, who has Kitchen Aid. for example Anne, who can bake 5 different cookes every evening!). I envy this people with a black envy..

But even if you dont have a Kitchen Aid it's quite easy ;)
Mix butter with suger, then add flour and fluffy eggs, solt, almond flour. Mix everything good, so it become a smooth dough. At the very end add chocolade, cut into small peaces and nuts. Make three big sausages from this flour (diametr 4 cm) and put in a frige for min 1 hour. Then cut it into 3 cm peaces, put in forms and bake 15-20 min in 190c oven. Try them staring after 15 min - they should be soft inside.

Keep them in a closed box, otherwise they are getting dry. But all the variations i cooked didn't live longer then couple of hours... ))

Bon Appetite!


Sergei said...

so you can start you cooking business ))

Victoria Basak said...

Sergey, i afraid not yet )) So far i'm able to cook just for 2 - max 4 people )) I only for people love ;)

Lulu said...

Как минимум 2 рецептика украду на новогодний стол! Викуша, не останавливайся!

Victoria Basak said...

Лулу, новогодные рецепты еще в переди! Скоро будет магическая баранина, после которой Игорь на тебе еще раз женится!