25 Dec 2010

Some like it hot! Chili Marmalade

Magic sauce for meat - absolute MUST for those, who love steaks!
It is an incredible thing - No way to describe how it taste, but it's just great! Even me, how doesn't realy like hot ..at least from the kitchen ;) - i was impressed by the result.. And as i like - almost nothing to do.

We need: 2 paprika, 4 chili, 2 apples, 250g sugar, 20g vinegar (i always use raspberry), 1 star-anise, coriandr (about 5 "bean"), black pepper, 1 ts solt. 

Cut paprika, chili and apples, add sugar and solt and leave like that for a night. Next day cook it for about 30-40 min, then blend it, add all the rest ingridients and cook again for about 15 min. Leave it again for a night. Next day take away anise from it - and keep on a frige. Serve it warm with a mean sauce. It's perfect!

P.S. also as we remember, chili is the best aphrodisiac ;)

Have a nice dinner!

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