22 Oct 2012

Choco Cookies via Le chef Armand Arnal

My dear friends, this one is my star recipe! Lots of my guest enjoy this magic cookies with coffee at my place... ;) They are what I'm really proud of!

I bake them regularly and you can find them in our home anytime, but share the secret recipe only now... Below you can as well see my photo progress - there you'll find the first picture of this cookies I made 100 years ago... ;)

Let's start with a history trip: click here and start praising me! Enjoyed? ;)

The cookies are really easy to make (especially if you have a Kitchen Aid! - free add). The original recipe and step-by-step pictures you can find here. I did some very small changes.

You need: 

225g butter
225g brawn sugar (big crystals)
200g flour
150g almond flour
1 ts salt (fleur de sel)
2 eggs
100 chocolate (the better chocolate, the better cookies! - i take Lindt 70%, also tried with orange - were good!)
100g Pecan nuts (walnut is also fine, but pecan is more oily, which means tasty..and of cause healthy!!!)
paper forms (or silicon)

Mix butter with sugar, then add flour and eggs, salt, almond flour. Mix everything good, so it become a smooth dough. At the very end add chocolate, cut into small peaces and nuts. Make three big "sausages", wrap it with a plastic  foil (diameter 4 cm) and put in a fridge for min 1 hour. Then cut it into 3 cm peaces, put in forms, on top a bit brawn sugar and a some fleur de sel. Bake 15-20 min in 190c oven till they get not to brawn, but nice-gold colour. They should be a little bit soft inside.

Keep them in a closed box, otherwise they are getting dry. But all the variations i cooked didn't live longer then couple of hours... ))

You have to try it! And tell me how was it ;)

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