8 Sep 2012

How to make your man fell in love with u again and again! ;)

Ladies, we all know that the shortest way to a man's heart... But if you serve not just a great piece of meat, but as a bonus one of this incredible sauces - He is yours for ever!

This three Hits of mine are not "sauces", but marmalade or jams, but whatever.

Mostly they fit perfectly to a good piece of steak (or better - a piece of a good steak)! Grill-Season at our place is almost gone, but you can serve it the whole year long.

Actually I already shared with you one of them. Now it's kind of a reminder.
Tomato-Basil Jam was here with a Duck. But it's absolutely perfect fit to any type of meat!

The second one is Onion Jam with red wine from Belonika. It's already became classic of our house! This marmalade is also amazing with cheese or any salad (with duck again?). The way to cook it - "Nothing to do!". Step-by-step recipe you find here.

We need: 

- 2 kg red onion
- 100 g olive oil
- 200 g red (of course dry) wine
- 100 g sugar
- 100 g honey
- fresh thyme
- 8 tbs red-wine vinegar
- 1 tsp coriander seeds
- salt / pepper

Fry a bit the thyme and coriander seeds on olive oil. You also may add some chili if you like. I don't ;) Cut onions into relatively large pieces, put it on the pan, fry it for about 5 min, then cover the pan with a lid and let the onion stew for next 15 min. Then add wine, honey, sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper, mix everything thoroughly and leave it with already lower temperature for next 45-60 min. It should be like a marmalade. Try it. If you like it - it's done!

And the third one - Chimichurri! When I was living in Russia, my favourite Steak-House was "El Gaucho". Especially I was in love with two sauces (orange and green ones) and the cabbage-pineapple salad, which they were serving with all the steaks. I was never brave enough to ask, how are they made. But to tell the truth, i wasn't thinking that i ever gonna cook it. But whatever... But then i "grew up" and the recipes came to me by themselves! I was not searching at all! But one day i found all there of them, shared by the Chef of El Gaucho - WOW! I was soooo happy! The Green sauce leaves at our place always now, but the red one and the cabbage salad i cook just from time to time.

Here i share with you, my dear, only the green one. If you gonna be interested in others - let me know ;)

We take:

- 1 bunch of parsley
- 1 bunch of oregano
- 1 bunch of basil (red or green)
- 1 green paprika 
- 1 red paprika
- 1 onion
- 1 head of garlic
- 2 fresh bay leaf
- 1 tbs dried oregano
- 1 tbs dried basil
- salt / pepper
- olive oil
- some vinegar

For this sauce you need a meat-mincer. It is important! In blender it will get a different structure. So please use only mincer.

Scroll first 8 ingredients trough the MM. Add all the rest ones. 
Mix it, try it...Love it!

Enjoy it!

P.S. All three sauces you can keep at least for half a year.  

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