5 Sep 2012

Salmon with Pesto and Lime

This is one of my favourite way to cook fish! And exactly the way all my best recipes are - "Nothing to do!" ;)

You take any fish you like. Here is salmon steaks, but dorado also works just perfect! Put some good olive oil all over it, salt, pepper, nearby put couple of piece of lime or lemon. On top of the fish put some basil pesto. Of course you can make it yourself by mixing in a blender basil leafs, pine nuts, parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper... but i just buy it in our local gourmet shop "Finekost Böhm" for very reasonable 3,00 euro.

Now put you pretty fish in an oven for about 15 minutes (180 C). Important is that you don't overcook it! If you like it with a crust (just like i do) leave it for a couple of minutes under the grill. Now it's just perfect and ready to serve!
Great side dish for it could be Pineapple salsa! But this recipe I going to publish a bit later, when i have a picture... It's always disappeared before i get a camera ;)

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