14 Oct 2012

Moussaka Recipe and a little bit of Sun

Hello my dear friends!

We just got back from wonderful vacation in Greece and would like to share some sun with you. Usually I post here only food-pictures, but now I though to add some diversity just for a change ;)

And of course Greece Recipe - Moussaka!

Ah, what a wonderful time it was! But seems to be so long ago ... Now, sitting in front of the computer with a rain outside it's even a pleasure to write down this sunny recipe... 

Moussaka! It's like a russian Borsch - in every home you find a different recipe, which is of course "the only right one"! The same is here... There is no "classic" way of cooking Moussaka. During the vacation i took a cooking lesson and now share with you guys, what i saw.

We need to prepare all the ingredients and then we just "build" Moussaka in a baking form.

First we cook a kind of bolognese sauce. There should be a mix of meat (beef, pork some lamb. Just cook it with lots of onion, tomatos, salt pepper, muscat etc. They cook it pretty long, something about 2-3 hours.

Then we prepare the vegetables. Potato, eggplant and zucchini. Potato you cook first and then fry it. Eggplant and zucchini are deep fried as well. But of course you may just grill it. It will give you an illusion of "Healthiness" of Moussaka =) ha ha Moussaka Diet Version! ;)

The way you "build" it doesn't really matter. Importent ist that meat is in the middle. I a form you like (big or portion-forms) you make following layouts: Potato, eggplant, meat, zucchini and on top you put a good portion of bechamel sauce. Also you may add some cheese on top. Then in oven for a 30 min. Ready! Let it get cool down and serve...

Bon Appetit!  

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