23 Oct 2012

Cantuccini - via Silvia Baracchi

My Husband is a fan of italian cookies! Biscotti or Cantuccini. It's the same, right? And one day I decided, the they alway should be available at our place! Next to coffee machine there is "always and forever" a nice box, where he can find them anytime ;) Also I cook them for his Office Lounge, so that he can proudly serve home-made cantucci round his clients. I find it pretty nice way to say hello to him during he is working ;) ...and recently I found one recipe,which is even better, than the one I used before (here)! You should definitely try it... 

The original version as well as step-by-step pictures you find here.

They are really very soft and nice smelling! The best ones I ever made!

We need:

- 450 sugar
- 4 eggs
- 7-9 g backing powder or dry-yeast
- 600 g flour
- 500 g almond
- 1 tea spoon of salt
- vanilla 
- lemon peel
- 100 g butter
- 50 g honey 

- and one more egg for baking

Mix all the ingredients. With Kitchen Aid it's not that hard... Separate the dough into three parts. Make of each one "sausage", use one egg to prepare the dough for baking. 180 and 30-40 min... Then get them out of the oven and cut them about 1 cm corner-wise and bake again for a 10 min. Done!

I hope you try and enjoy it as well as my friends off-line ;)

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