5 Sep 2012

Salmon Tar Tar

Sorry for the pics - they are made with iphone // often when i cook i don't have any chance to get a camera before i have to serve it... whatever.
I just LOVE tar-tars! Any! Beef tar-tar, salmon tar-tar, tuna tar-tar... any! I would like to share with you two of my favourite ways to make salmon one.

First is a classic one! You may use the same ingredients for beef tar-tar as well. But better - you wait a little bit and i publish the best Beef Tar-Tar ever!...but later.
Whatever. For two persons we need:

300 gr Salmon
1-2 tbs Capers
1-2 Shallots

some lemon juice
olive oil
salt, pepper

My main rule concerning Tar-Tars - never ever use a blender! Only hand-cut with love ;)
Cut your salmon loving into very small pieces, do the same with shallots, add rest of the ingredients, try if there is enough of salt. It would be great if you have a half an hour before you serve it, so that tar-tar can stay a bit in a fridge.
I use forms for serving it. If you put it top or under it some avocado - will be even better!

The second one i call Japanese Style.

300 gr Salmon
1-2 Shallots
1 tbs ginger 

some lime juice
sesame oil
soy sauce 
salt, pepper

and some sesame on top! The way of preparing is the same! 

Bon Appetite! 

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