24 Jul 2014

Green Beans

Summer time is a Grill time! And usually I don't think a lot about "what to cook for dinner" simply because in Germany we grill almost every day till it snows... So it's often about a salad or a side-dish. 
We just love everything green! For example - green beans with garlic! 
Simple and sooo good! Perfect as a side dish or even as a one-dish dinner.    
We need:

1 Onion
3-4 Clove of garlic
Oil and butter
Green beans
Salt & Pepper
Parsley as a deco

Melt some butter in oil, fry onion till it gets transparent and starts to smell. Cut garlic into very small pieces. I only do it with hands! But you may use a machine to this purpose. Add half of the garlic to onion. Add green beans, cover the pan, stir from time to time. It will take about 15-20 min till the beans get soft. But they suppose to stay "al dente", ok?

 Add the rest half of the garlic, decorate the dish with some parsley, serve it! 
You can it the beans warm oder cold - they always good!

Enjoy your meal! ;)

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