23 Jul 2014

Confit d'oignon - Red Onion Jam

This wonderful must-have/must-cook recipe I already shared with you guys here. But this time I show it step-by-step, which makes it super easy makable and understandable. This magic jam is an absolute must in every food-loving home - it's perfect with steaks and cheese... We just love it! 

We need: 

- 2 kg red onion
- 100 g olive oil
- 200 g red (of course dry) wine
- 100 g sugar
- 100 g honey
- fresh thyme
- 8 tbs red-wine vinegar
- 1 tsp coriander seeds
- salt / pepper

Fry a bit the thyme and coriander seeds on olive oil. You also may add some chili if you like. I don't ;)

Cut onions into relatively large pieces, put it on the pan, fry it for about 5 min, Then cover the pan with a lid and let the onion stew for next 15 min. 

Then add wine, honey, sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper, mix everything thoroughly and leave it with already lower temperature for next 45-60 min. It should be like a marmalade.

Try it. If you like it - it's done!
That's how it suppose to look like...

Enjoy! ;) 

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