8 Apr 2013

South Africa - Garden Route

   If you already came to Cape Town, you should take some time and drive "Garden Route"
It is one of the most beautiful stretch in the world they say. And it is really a very nice drive! The roads in SA are pretty good quality, it almost feels like you are driving in Germany. There is also a great choice of rent-cars - anything you want! So started at Cape Town and went till Wilderness.  

Hotel Grootbos is a nice place for a stop if you need a small relaxing pause. Couple of nights there is enough I thing. There is not a lot to do in that area, but amazing fresh air, great spa and nice food you definitely get there! 

Good espresso is unfortunately not always easy to find... 

Breathtaking views in Wilderness! 
You can walk this beach hours long not meeting anyone... 

 On the way back to Cape Town it worth making a stop in Stellenbosch/Franschhoek/Paarl
You can as well visit this area from Cape Town, but I was happy to have several day of peace there with no driving, not moving. Great wine and best restaurants in South Africa... But this are coming in the next post ;)

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