11 Apr 2013

Restaurants in Cape Town and around

Before going to SA I've heard that food is great here, but I couldn't imagine HOW great it is! 
Here there are just some pictures and... pa-ba-ba-bam...the list of restaurants worth to visit! (the list you find at the very end of the post)

The food is really good here - doesn't metter what you order. You almost can't go wrong! All the ingredients are extremely fresh and the sauces and dressing are quite different and interesting for our european taste. It's not asian, it's not mediterranean - it's just absolutely different! 

Meat-lovers should definitely try "Game Meat" - like Springbok and all the other types of Antilopas, Kudu and etc. But just a good Steak is also amazing here. 

For Seafood South Africa is a paradis! Great oysters! My favorite ones were "East Cast Wild Oysters". There are just the perfect size and taste for me!     

This first picture I find so funny - do you see the name of the place? 
"Bavarian Bakery" =))

This two dishes we had in Victoria and Alfred by Waterfront - OYO Restaurant. 

Not the best place to be, but not bad. There is a great choice of other good 

relaxing places by Waterfront. Just take a walk...

One of the Places I liked by Waterfront was Belthazar Wine Bar. That's how they serve the wine "by Glas" so if you tase different ones you can always mark your favs for future.

This two place are the only ones I made a picture of by Dailre Graff...was too busy enjoying the evening ;)

We were trying to get to "Tasting Room" at Le Quarttier Francias, but they were fully-booked two month in advance. So we just went there for the lunch at they day- The Common Room. The whole menu was tapas-style and it was very-very good! But next time we are there - I book the dinner one year before ;)


Starting here there are just some random pictures from different places...

Our last lunch... was amazing!


  And here comes the List! Most of the places I visited myself. Some of them were highly recommended by some nice people with good taste. If you ever fly to South Africa I would be happy if this list will make your stay there a bis better ;)

Cape Town

CODFATHER  $$$ - great casual seafood restaurant in Camps Bay, Cape Town. No menu - just unique presentation of line fish, oysters, lobsters and etc, Also have a great (!!!) sushi bar.

Camps Bay Promenade - just take a walk there and find something perfect for you! Nice restaurants, bars, party-places and so on. Also nice to come here during the day, to have some brunch and to relax on the beach.

BAIA $$$$ - with sweeping terrace that offers spectacular views. Chic and contemporary, serving signature seafood dishes and fabulous fare in a glorious setting.

BELTHAZAR $$$ - suited at the V&A Waterfront. Great both meat and fish. Try their Game Specials.

AZURE RESTAURANT $$$$ - Very nice place for fine-dining at 12 Apostles Hotel.

THE CAFE GRILL $$$ - nice place for grill ;)

ZenZero $$$ - one of nice places in Camps Bay.

OPAL LOUNGE $$$ - perfect venue for any occasion - cocktails, a dinner with friends, date and so on.. on a cool street of Cape Town - Kloof Street. This street you should visit anyway!

BISTRO BIZERCA $$$$ - French cousine.

TEST KITCHEN $$$ - enovation cousine by executive chef Luke-Dale Roberts.

BOMBAY BRASSERIE $$$$ - modelled on its namesake in London. Finest Indian specialty dining!


 If you are staying in Cape Town only you still can't resist coming to this area. Amazing place! Worth even staying here for a night or more... 

And to this three restaurants - MUST GO! 





This is also a wine region not far from Cape Town, which you can't avoid! We stayed here for several days. I met there a couple, how came here for a month! So there is something to do here. And I must say that this is the most relaxing and secure area in South Africa. And below are MUST GO places here:

DELAIR GRAFF $$$$$ - amazing view and sunsets! Also great for a lunch or just wine tasting. They own a hotel as well...


LA QUARTIER FRANCAIS $$$$ - the pictures from here you saw in this post. Just nice! Even we were just in Common Room and not in Tasting Room. They own a Hotel as well.

JORDAN $$$ - simple but very high quality food!

Now, when I'm done with the list I just want to tell couple of words about the prices there. I put this marks $ just to show the price difference between all the places, but they all are pretty much affordable. For example the most expensive dinning was in Graff - where for 2 startes per person, 24 oysters, main course, dessert and wine we left something about 150 euros (for two on us).

So I wish your dream come true and one day you pack your luggade preparing for the flight to Cape Town...and print this list to take with you ;) 

I wish you a nice trip and Bon Appetite!

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