9 Apr 2013

Cape Town: See Point, Bo-Kaap and Cape Point

Did you know, that Cape Town is such a party-colored city?

Yes, it is! There is a part of it called Bo-Kaap - place with an interesting 
story to tell... but hier I just share some sunny pictures of it, no story ;)

Let's first take a walk at See Point - very nice place for walking, jogging and having fun! I was walking about 10 km there almost every day...

In some part of it - it's pretty windy as you can notice looking at the trees ;)

Public swimming pool with a great ocean view!

School swimming Pool next to our house.



We were staying on Springbok street (springbok is a very nice meat as well ;)) You can see a popular stadium behind there...

Me on the Table Mountain - Lion Head behind me...

Everybody preparing for the sunset - it's just beautiful there!

Cape of Good Hope.

And dont't feed baboons! ;)


Eva Zabolockaya said...

Потрясающие фото!!!! Раз пять пересматривала. Африка моя самая большая мечта. надеюсь когда - нибудь сбудется!!!)))

Victoria said...

Женя, спасибо! Очень приятно )) Я тоже долго носила эту мечту, и всё сбылось, как это бывает, неожиданно и спонтанно - зато оказалось лучше всех ожиданий!