2 Feb 2013

Crostata di ricotta

There was the 2nd birthday of one boy and i was asked to bring something with me. I decided to make one of my favourite pie - Ricotta Pie! There is almost no sugar in it and it's fresh, light and very tasty - kids love it. And it's very easy to make - I love it ;)

This recipe I got from Sveta. She always has just fantastic pictures! 

Well, lets start...

For dough:
200 g Flour
pinch of salt 
2 Tbs Sugar
125 g Butter
1 Egg

For the filling:
3 eggs
350 g Ricotta
50 raising
1 Citron Peel
pinch of Salt 
3 Tbs Flour

A Form 23 cm 

Make the dough and leave it for an hour in a cool place. Meanwhile prepare the filling: just mix all the ingredients - and that's all! Cool, ha? Just nothing to do!
Form the pie, and bake it for 30 minutes in a 180-200 C oven. Ready!

It doesn't really look great, but believe me - it tastes mach better than it looks!

...And couple of more pictures from the "Party" )) 

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