4 Mar 2013

Spa in Stuttgart

Food is not the only thing which makes me happy...so i decided to share with you some other things as well. If you live in Stuttgart or not far from it click here (girls only).

I love Spa! At least once a week I need to go to a sauna: scrubs, masks, aroma candles, nice tea and just time for myself - absolutely obligatory! I am happy to be able to have this all at my place ;) If I am on vacation, I always visit a spa, book a massage, try something new. Unfortunately it's often, that I'm not a fan of the cosmetic, what they use, the massage is not perfect and so on. But for a vacation - it's not a big deal. But it was important for me to find a nice place in a city I live, where all the small things would be really perfect. And I found one! It's not a commercial post, but just sharing with you a great tip. It's called MamaSpa (click and look how cool is there!) but it's not only for mamas. The name of the place just wants to tell us that they have a babysitting included and other "mamas-friendly" offers. I just LOVE this place for atmosphere, nice design, really good Spa, best treatments in Stuttgart, nice smell, my favorite tea, good choice of cosmetic and very taking care personnel. My favorite treatment is "Absolutely Luxury" by Clarins - its just great! Since I know this place their Certificate is what my all friends (girls) are getting from me... 

And if you not gonna use this tip for spoiling yourself a little bit...at least you know what to give me as a present if any occasion ;)

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