7 Mar 2013

One more tip for "stuttgarter" ;) Hair-Salon!

I Know it's a cooking Blog, but I can't share with you guys one more my favorite Beauty-Tip...for those who live in Stuttgart. Hair-dresser!

I took me long time till I got there, till I found the right place to be! I've tried everything possible in Stuttgart, but nowhere it felt sooooo right! There is not much to say about the place - it's just cool... That's it! Downtown, great people, nice smell, very good products and what's most important - great head-massage! ;=) and of cause the way you get your hair done - just perfect! Anything you want... a glass of prosecco - here it is! ;)

And they just got they web-site done! Looks cool I think Check it out here.

I'm there tomorrow getting ready for the spring!

P.S. and it's not a comercial ;) you should already trust me...

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