18 Jul 2011

Russian cold soup "Kholodnik" or "Svekolnik" - Summer Must!

It is a very light summer soup, it makes you feel fresh and happy ))

And of cause it's easy to make! Here is my version of this wonderful classics. We need: red beet, radish, cucumber, some wurst (sausage),  eggs, 200g yogurt, chili, a lot of green onion, dill, may be some mint, vinegar (i take raspberry one), lemon juice, mustard (perfect, if you have a real russian one!) wasabi mustard, salt and pepper.

To boil red beet (here in Germany you can also get it already done), grate it. All the other veggies cut (better in form of straws). Add water so, that it just covers all the veggies. Add vinegar, yogurt, mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Try it -  it should be really strong, but fresh taste. Don't be greedy with mustard and chili - both are aphrodisiac ;)

Put the pot in a fridge at least for couple of hours. Serve with a half of egg. 

Have a hot summer! ;)

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