20 Jul 2011

Almond cake with dried plums by Gui Gedda

Thank wonderful cake is one more recipe from Gui Gedda. 
As you know I have his book, but unfortunately there are not enough pictures, so I can't really be inspired with the recipes, even I'm sure they are just great! So I mostly cook, when I see pictures of Belonika. There are lot of them, they are all so sunny, that I always get a desire to run to a shop and start cooking immediately! This cake I did already several times - it's just great!

Here is find modified version. 

So we need:
- 500 g dried plums
- 4 eggs
- backing powder 
- 100 g almond powder
- 100 g sugar (i used brown)
- 150-200 creme de la creme (schlag sahne)

Mix sugar and 2 eggs and 2 whites of the eggs, add backing powder, almond powder and mix every thing again. Here as well as in all backing recipes Kitschen Aid is a Mast Have. It just makes you life so much easier... Than you beat up the cream and add it too. Dried plums cut into 4 pieces and add at the very end. I was using a 25-cm form like an the picture below. Backing time 50 minutes with 170 grad. 

It's really worth trying! Just do it (c)   =)


Stasya Frolova said...

Здравствуйте!!! Приглашаю посетить мой блог "планета чудес" http://planeta4ydes.blogspot.com/
Буду рада знакомству и общению!!!

Stasya Frolova said...

у вас очень вкусно и красиво!!!

Elli said...

Oh,kak vse appetitno!:)

Victoria said...

Elli, спасибо!

Da & Mer said...

mmmm!!! delicioso!! se ve estupendo.
Saludos Da & Mer

Victoria said...

Da & Mer, gracias! =)

Valeria said...

Mmmmm, looks sooo tasty!

Victoria said...

Thank you, Valeria =))