29 Aug 2011

Jerky Duck with Tomato-Basil Jam from Gilardi Yvan - Absolutely Must Try!

If you try it - it's gonna be your star-dish for any occasion - believe me! Our favorite combination of "Easy-Great-Unbelievable with wine"!

This recipe is from Belonika too. Russian detailed version you find here.

We need:

3 Duck Breasts
1 kg Sea Salt 
2-3 Ts pepper
2-3 Ts of thyme-rosemary mix. Better fresh, but dried is good too
50 g of good Cognac
50 g of Port wine

The process can't be easier! Cut all or just a part of a fat from the Duck. Mix all the ingredients. Put the duck on salt and make sure it's covered well. Keep it in frige for 10 or 12 hours. After that - wash it good, dry with paper towel and keep it in a dry paper towel for 10-12 hours more. After that it ready to eat! Serve with Tomato-Basil Jam (see the recipe below) or with any chutney you like ;)

Tomato-Basil Jam

This Jam I took from Belonika too ;) Russian version is here here. This jam is great with any meat - my husband just love it!

- 3 kg Cherry Tomatos
- 1,5 sugar
- 100 g vinegar
- 8 apples
- a lot of Basil
- Chili

Cut cherry into two pieces, cover with sugar and warm it up in a pot. Add vinegar, blended apples and cook it for about 10-15 minutes. Add basil and chili. Leave it in pot till the next day. Next day try it, add what's missing, cook for about 5 minutes. Ready! It could also be a nice present ;)

Bon appetite ;)

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