12 Dec 2013

French plums stuffed with goat cheese

Not really a recipe, but just a nice idea ;) We had something similar in Russia as I was a child - just the combination of plums, nuts and something creamy is already great! Nowadays you can of cause get it ready in a good supermarket, but believe me it tastes much better if you make it yourself! 

Here you can see the Recipe step-by-step. Click.
I made it a bit simpler and got a goat cheese already with Rosemary and Thyme. Actually here it is: 

So when everything you need is plums, nuts (any, but i had almonds here), prosciutto and some rosemary-sticks. Fry or bake nuts till they brown, stuff the plums with cheese, put is the nuts, wrap each plum in a procuitto-strip and bake it or fry it. You can keep them as well in a fridge and first cook them just before the guests arrive. Bon appetit! 

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