14 Dec 2013

Eggplants with carrots

It's a very russian dish. At least it is something from my south-russian childhood. So simple and so tasty! And smells great ;) You can serve it warm or cold, great with bar-b-q, as a salad, as a side dish - whatever... just try it!

All you need... is Love ;)

1 Eggplant 
2 Carrots 
2-3 Garlic Glove
Salt & Pepper 
Olive Oil

Cut Eggplant across, so that you have lots of round pieces. Salt it and leave for 20 minutes. Otherwise they gonna taste bitter. After 20 minute wash and dry them. Fry them in oil or grill it - however you like. Put aside. Grate the carrot on a coarse grater and fry it with have of the total amount of garlic (should be chopped). When carrots are ready, add the rest of the garlic. Now cover the eggplant circles with carrots, add some parsley and... ether eat it right away or let it "marinate" in a fridge for a day or two. You may keep them in a fridge till 7 days ;) 

You gonna love them! I promise ;)     

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