19 Jul 2013

Tomato-basil Pie / Le Club 55

I love summer! If sun is shining, it's not too hot, gentle breeze giving you a fresh feeling, and you are already a bit suntanned... and if to add a glass of cold rosé wine and a piece of summer pie to all that... mmmmm. Heaven!

For this pie you can go to St. Tropez and try it in a nice lunch place Le Club 55, but you also may easily and effortless make it at home. The most difficult part of cooking it is peeling tomatos ;) Here is the recipe.     
   This pie I found in a book. Since then I make it regularly during summer. Either for a lunch or as a part of a dinner with some light wine. Everybody who tried it - loved it! Very fresh taste because of a lot of basil and still a very cozy dish.

We need:

Puff-Pasty (sorry but i buy it...)
4-5 aroma tomatos 
500 gr creme fresh or sour cream
200 gr emental cheese
5 eggs
a lot of basil
a bit of nutmeg 
salt & pepper

Now the most hard part: you have to peel the tomatos, clean them from seeds inside and cut them small. That's all! ;) Now put the pasty in a form. I use a 25 cm form with a removable bottom. Use some butter and flour to avoid sticking the pasty. Put on the bottom tomato, cut basil and then add the mix of all the rest ingredients. Bake it with 180-200 C oven for about 40-60 min. Sometimes it can take longer, depending on your oven. The pie should get a golden color. Let it get a bit cooler and serve it! When it's warm it is just perfect! ...but cold it is tasty as well.

Bon appetite ;)      

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